Dynasty Floral Design Pillow

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Directly from the Ubisoft Official Assassin's Creed collection, this premium feel pillow with a shape-retaining insert is just what you're looking for! It'll make any room luxurious and provide the perfect excuse for a quick power nap.

"One peony is worth a thousand gold, one peony can buy the favours of officials. And how many people have had their families destroyed for the sake of one peony?"

―Li E to Li Bai

Peonies can be delicate but also bloody flower. The prominent peony at the center of this designed pillow refers to the Flower Banquet, an annual contest for the most splendid flower exhibit during the Tang dynasty. An event for which dozens of people from Duling village, known flower farm, were steal from and murdered by Right Chancellor Yang Guozhong’s team. They will be avenged by Li E - a Chinese Hidden One, vigilante and Master Assassin-to-be - in a spectacular way.


  • Two-sided pillow
  • 100% pre-shrunk polyester case
  • Fabric with a linen feel
  • Hidden zipper
  • Machine-washable case
  • Shape-retaining 100% polyester insert included (handwash only)

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