Hibana Legendary Figurine

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Estimated delivery : Late April 2022



    1. Unique Abilities: The X-KAIROS- a 40 mm caliber launcher and its pellet - than can be displayed in her hands.
    2. Secondary Weapon: The BEARING 9- a machine pistol magnetic on the waist holder.
    3. Emblematic weapon: The Kyūdō- a Japanese Bow that you can display ready to shoot.


    1. Japanese lantern including LED lighting system, can be displayed anywhere on the base.
    2. Dynamic and realistic sculpted clothes


"Kyūdō is meditation in action. Explosions are part of that action."— Hibana

First appearing in Operation Red Crow, Yumiko Imaqawa, codenamed Hibana, is an Attacking Operator from Japan's Special Assault Team (S.A.T.)

You can now add this hard-breaching Operator to your collection, with the new ¼ Hibana by PureArts. Inspired by her Elite Skin, this Hibana statue can be displayed in two different poses; one holding her iconic Kyūdō, and the other holding her X-KAIROS.

Be sure to add this to your Six Siege collection today!



  • Scale : 1/4
  • Materiel : polyresin
  • Dimension : 20"x 13" x 13"
  • Estimated delivery : Early Q1 2022

Unfortunately, the shipment of figurines is limited to United States (excluding Hawaï, Puerto Rico and Alaska) and Canada. Any order place with delivery outside these areas will be cancelled and refunded.

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